The purpose of DSC will be to impact and empower students through understanding, using, and reflecting about technology. The DSC will host information sessions, hands-on workshops, and student-community collaborative projects centered around the latest and greatest in technology, all with the support of Google and Google Developers.

The DSC will enhance the educational, recreational, social, or cultural environment of The University of Alberta by being inclusive to all students, by transferring knowledge to students, by forging closer relationships between students and local businesses in the community, and by promoting diversity in the tech community.

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Solution Challenge 2021

The Solution Challenge is an annual contest presented by Developer Student Clubs (DSC) that invites students to develop solutions for local community problems using one or more Google products or platforms. The 2021 solution Challenge will be back next year.

What we've done

We are a new club at The University of Alberta hoping to make a change in the University as well as use various Google Developer Technologies to help the local communities in Edmonton as well as bring forth the various developments in the Technological Sector. As most of the events are going to be online we will be hosting a ton of seminars and workshops and various other events. We will also be collaborating with various Developer Student Clubs around North America.